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How far do bucks traval?
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steve 16-Nov-17
Buckiller 16-Nov-17
grizzlyadam 16-Nov-17
Bigbuckbob 16-Nov-17
SWK 16-Nov-17
soapdish 16-Nov-17
jdrdeerslayer 16-Nov-17
Will 16-Nov-17
Steve7 17-Nov-17
Oneeye 17-Nov-17
bigbuckbob 17-Nov-17
steve 17-Nov-17
notme 17-Nov-17
From: steve
Well to day I get a nice big old buck on camera I send it to a friend he sends me on back of the same deer 2.5 miles away on the other side of a main road and a couple of days apart didn't think they went that far

From: Buckiller
Up to 5 miles a day during rut is what I heard

From: grizzlyadam
Think of it like this, a deer spends the majority of its life in one square mile of land. That does not mean a mile long by a mile wide. So if its living on a piece of land that is quarter of a mile wide and 4 miles long, thats its square mile home range. Then during the rut they often leave that core home range and I have heard anything from 5 to 10 miles for short periods of time looking for some hot action. So 2.5 miles is nothing.

From: Bigbuckbob
As far as they have to to get a piece.

From: SWK
Thats what happens when the zookeeper forgets to close the gate:):):)

From: soapdish
I heard a similar story last year of a buck that was pictured one day and killed the next day 7 miles away. Now that's cruising

I look at this way ....some deer are home bodies some are roamers...what I have noticed is the less the deer population the longer and farther they roam during the rut...

From: Will
A surprising distance. It's not a "rut" issue... but a cool gps study up here Steve, they had one buck that traveled 13 miles between it's range for most of the year, and it's winter range. To do that, it had to cross one major highway, and bypass a good sized town (12-15k people).

From: Steve7
Look up Dr. Ken Nordberg. Theres alot to be learned from him.

From: Oneeye
From Penn State research : We followed Buck 12783 through the peak of the rut from 10/27 through 11/24. In that month he was a century buck traveling over 100 miles. That’s a little on the high side but not unusual for the bucks we follow. But in addition to those 100 miles, he climbed (or descended) over 16 miles in elevation!

From: bigbuckbob
I had a buck travel 48 miles, but that was in the back of my truck from the NW corner. The longest was from New Brunswick, 2 bucks made that trip, 2 years in a row. But that was with a rifle, so those don't count,.....too easy! :)

From: steve
That was 16 years ago or more lol

From: notme

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