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Coyote got your deer
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KSMike 16-Nov-17
RonF 17-Nov-17
MBabs 17-Nov-17
gamechangerop 17-Nov-17
Ksgobbler 17-Nov-17
CJE 17-Nov-17
HoytZinger 17-Nov-17
Garrett 17-Nov-17
Ksgobbler 17-Nov-17
KYBourbon 17-Nov-17
writer 17-Nov-17
dragon76 18-Nov-17
From: KSMike
So you make a bad shot on a buck and recover it the next day after the coyotes had worked it over. You recover 20 lbs of meat from the front quarters. Do you tag it or get a "salvage tag" from the sheriff(?) and continue to hunt eventually killing another young buck because you "needed to take home some meat"? (See "2017 Kansas hunt story") How is this legal and/or ethical?

From: RonF
There is no way that can be legal. The sheriff is at fault he should never of allowed that. I bet they all will be getting a call on this one.

From: MBabs
No way. I would tag it for sure. Need more meat you get an antlerless tag.

We are a one buck state. When I lost a buck a few years back, that was my buck tag. I knew he had to be dead. After 3 days looking it was a doe or bust from there.

I have to agree. I shot a buck this year that turned into my shot and hit him in the shoulder. The only reason I am still after a buck now is I saw him the next day with a doe. If I know a shot killed a buck but I didn't find it then it is on to the slick heads.

From: Ksgobbler
I sent a text and linked the thread to the local warden. Waiting on a response

From: CJE
Should of tagged his first one and been done. He could of always went after a doe to fill his freezer.

From: HoytZinger
I was told a few years ago by Pratt that in this instance you can get a salvage tag for the meat but can not recover the antlers. In order to get the antlers your tag must be used. It could have changed since then.

From: Garrett
Wow... That story is hard to read with out getting frustrated! The guy who wrote it and killed two bucks is thrilled too! The only thing better than shooting a "Big Ol'" kansas buck is shooting two of them! BOGO...

Not only do I question the sheriff, I TOTALLY disagree with the logic of the hunter. If you shoot a deer and recover it you own it! There are no mulligans in this sport. And if he wanted more than 20 lbs of meat he shouldn't have shot a 2 year old.

From: Ksgobbler
Just heard back from the warden. If he killed it and recovered it he would've needed to use his buck tag.

From: KYBourbon
I agree with everyone above. Unethical by everyone involved. You shoot it, and recover it after the coyotes do too bad. If you need meat fill your doe tag.

Gross use of a salvage tag by the LEO imo.

From: writer
Laws been consistent for years. Kill it, find it, you tag it. A well-known poacher from Butler County used to shoot bucks, let them lay a week or two, then say he “found” the skull and antlers. You don’t legally have to “eat” your tag if you don’t recover one, but if you do, and later find that first buck you have to leave him lay.

From: dragon76
not right plus he kills a little 6 who knows what that deer might of be come no wonder big bucks are getting harder to find

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