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nj rut action
New Jersey
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kingtrout 17-Nov-17
elkman52 19-Nov-17
kingtrout 22-Nov-17
elkman52 22-Nov-17
kingtrout 26-Nov-17
From: kingtrout
well is the rut still going on???

From: elkman52
Sure it is,I saw a heavy horned 3or4 yr old walking at 1pm on 11/15 Just came back from ny state today and bucks were chasing does.

From: kingtrout
yea a week ago!!!

From: elkman52
You asked the question on 11/17 ,2days before I saw a mature 8pt walking at 1pm bucks chasing upstate NY the day after.I sat all day 11/20 and 11/21 and saw 7 bucks at all hours of the day.the fact is there will be some kind of rutting activity until the does are bred.Not like the first week in nov. but still at it.I have seen rutting activity into FEB. check out the whitetail forum 'who hunts midday" I have seen it so that's what keeps me out there,I'll be 65 next week.

From: kingtrout
good answer! my mistake! I had a big 6pt on trail cam nov22 @ 9;06 am ! right in front of my stand! picture of a doe @ 9am I was sleeping!

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