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What happened to this site
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Way back when,this site was a hub bub of bowhunting and lots of banter.I was the handle ,Archer back then.handles like Cob,Hoot,one guy from the Wayne National Forest that hunted it a this site has died from its former glory.O.B.A. at deer creek every year was a big event.what happened?

From: canaoeman
Old age

From: cord 62
Ohio Sportsman has plenty of activity.

From: rawdawg
alot of shooters in this state but very little involement from them

From: Linecutter
A lot were chased off because of attitudes that were prevalent at the time years ago. There were a lot of strong narrow minded individuals, that you either agreed with them, or you were blasted. It was hard to get into an honest debate without name calling. People could only take so much of it and just quit getting involved here. Just my observation during the time it happened. DANNY

Yea,I remember the crossbow debacle .that got pretty heated.still have deer creek oba banquet ,and the George Hilf shoot every September.

From: buc i 313

A good question. No set answer.

From: hoot gibson
cob is dead .

From: goyt
I stopped using this site because of all of the personal attacks. For me it was just not healthy.

Well.....we all could just start using it again....this time without attacks. Maybe, just maybe it will catch on?

I’m in for starting it up again

From: Rutbuster
On the WV site it can get chippy at times but a few days off and everybody seems to make up for the most part. We usually agree to disagree on topics of conflict.

From: Linecutter
It would be nice to have a in State conversation around here again about different subjects: Related to any style of "legal equipment" use, how to improve, teaching, how to help, and multiple other subjects related to hunting , shooting, where to shoot, and so on. DANNY

From: Linecutter
It would be nice to have a in State conversation around here again about different subjects: Related to any style of "legal equipment" use, how to improve, teaching, how to help, and multiple other subjects related to hunting , shooting, where to shoot, and so on. DANNY

From: buc i 313
So who is going to start an new topic ? Or should it be me ? Oh, perhaps this is what happened to this site ?


LOL :^}

Hey Hoot,don't know if you remember me.I was Archer years I'm Box Call.glad to see your still kicking.

From: Jim in Ohio
Had some health problems so no longer bow hunt, so kinda lost interest. Still gun hunt a few days. In my middle 70's, yes old age has something to do with it.

From: Jim in Ohio

From: buc i 313

As long as you can keep on going, keep on going on.


From: Jim in Ohio

From: DonVathome
I am with goyt who I have met and is one heck of a guy in every way.

Some nutballs here and the god's of bowsite are well, let's just say they are not honest or care for what's right and what's wrong. $$$$ matters.

Used to have a great farm to hunt,helped out with work,repairs,and when the owner lady died,daughter moved in and stopped all my hunting privilidges and even had a lawyer put a do not contact order on me.when ya lose a good hunting place,it just knocks the wind from tour sail.relying on public hunting land sucks.

From: MK111
It all boils down to with some narrow minded sportsmen if it isn't their way then it's all wrong. My thinking is if you like it go with it and who am I to care of blast you for it. Also if it's legal to use then it's OK.

More hunters doing the legal way is better for the sport.

From: Lever Action
I just came back after years off. Same on AT. I left because everyone had become so programed that everyone forgot how to think for themselves. Pretty boring. Looking to see if anything has changed.

From: buc i 313

Not sure the fellow you reference is a real native Buckeye ?

Now Buckeye's, are generally a welcoming, friendly bunch of folks.

Although, ....."I do hear tell" .....

There is one person or perhaps someone who poses as a sportsman and a Buckeye. A fellow who may be, a fellow who is quite envious of every other hunter. Or at the least, lacks respect of and for other hunter's.

Perhaps these feelings may be due to / or perhaps the success of other's ?

Therefore he blasts all NR's, folks who lease, use ATV's, crossbow's, land owner's who do not allow hunting access just to list a few.

He may, is / be of the strong belief that .... HE, has God's given right, HIS, heritage to hunt anywhere, any place as HE see's fit. That the law should force property owners to allow HIM, access to hunt. Property Taxes be damned ! HE, isn't responsible for the taxes ! HE, doesn't own the land !

Sometimes we all have seen a spoiled, pestilent child cry, scream, throw a tantrum, and just generally make a fool of themselves. Somehow they just can't seem to help themselves :^}

I for one was never a person who would let a child spoil my day. "Just Sayin"

Well since I don't know this person personally, (nor do I wish to), I wouldn't put to much stock into what this person may or may not have to say. He can keep throwing his tantrum's all he wants. Perhaps one day he may grow up ? (TBD)

Oh I almost forgot, his last statement as I recall was, "I'm through with this sight I'm out of here !!! (or something very close to it)



You keep hunting Ohio, the same as I'll keep hunting Ohio.


All the good ole days of trolling and stirring the pot. LOL

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