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From: Dr. Williams
Very good article. Factually accurate.


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same coyote next to a average 35 lb coyote
jdrdeerslayer's embedded Photo
same coyote next to a average 35 lb coyote
good article, true and one life alot of the falling deer population in the northeast is due to states not taking into account growing predator bears bobcat yotes....all of which have increased. I coyote hunt in the winter, this past winter I got 7, one of which was the biggest I've ever the point when I shot the thought ran threw my head hope I didn't shoot someone's German Shepard! fyi pic is him on tailgate of a full size ram 2500

From: GF
That’s a damn big dog.

I once did a post-mortem on one that went #48, skinned out. Made me think twice about trailing them through some of the thickets where they hunted...

From: Oneeye
My mother-in-law law is visiting from western Colorado. She saw a yote crossing field next to our house though it was a small deer. She was shocked the yotes get so big out east.

From: Bigbuckbob
Wonder if it's a coywolf

From: Bloodtrail
This is why anytime you are hunting and you have a coyote in range, your hunt should automatically turn into a coyote hunt. Kill every one.

Jd, how you are you effectively hunting coyotes? Thanks for the help.

From: Addicted
Hi JD. I would also like to know how you effectively hunt coyotes. I would like to aid in saving the fawns. thanks

guys in mass we can hunt over bait , we can hunt till midnight, and we can use night vision(no visible light). anyway I bait heavily with deer scraps from a local butcher. I have a camp with no houses anywhere near with a field in the back. I set up driveway alarms around bait about 80yds out I to field. To be honest I shoot alot of Coyotes in my underwear! alarm goes off gun is ready. I usually get 5-10 a year this way. ( there's more to it but that's the short version) I do also go out calling at night sometimes too in different areas. I very rarely hunt during the day

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