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From: Split Toes
Ive seen a few bucks chasing does in southern illinois further south than i hunt when im working. Been hunting all weekend in marion county. Ive seen a 4 pointer and a spike. And countless does. No bucks chasing or any decent bucks at all which is really unusual. I just went to salem walmart and seen a crap ton of does in this rain. Cant believe how many. Dozen does in every field for the 7 mile journey. Didnt see any bucks or no does being chased. Is the rut over? Or has it not begun in this area. I had several cameras in the woods and have been bow hunting previously this month and i havent seen any sign of rut activity. Ive seen big bucks on camera and does but not together. Only 2 rubs in my woods that ive seen. No scrapes. Just weird compared to all the previous years ive hunted

From: awh302
I can tell you this there were a bunch of rubs and scrapes at my place since the start of November. I didn't hunt there much so I didn't get a chance to see the deer activity but if I'm a guessing man the rut is slowing down.

Depends on where you live obviously and how much time you were out. That was my situation as well. Couldn't get out like I wanted to. My buds were seeing big bucks left and right 2 weeks ago. I also was down in Marion prior to 1st gun season and saw little activity on mature bucks.

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