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New Hunting/Scouting app- Feedback Pleas
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Skindog 18-Nov-17
PECO 18-Nov-17
oldgoat 19-Nov-17
Highway Star 19-Nov-17
Longcruise 19-Nov-17
Chasewild 01-Dec-17
Lark Bunting 01-Dec-17
ColoBull 03-Dec-17
Longcruise 04-Dec-17
Aspen Ghost 06-Dec-17
ColoBull 07-Dec-17
From: Skindog
I am in process of developing a hunting/scouting app for Android/iOS devices. What are key features that you would target to include?

From: PECO
It really just needs to work, all the time, and have updated accurate info. No need for a ton of bells and whistles, keep it simple.

From: oldgoat
Simple! And the maps and waypoints move automatically to a new phone if you move your flash drive! I love Backcountry Navigator, but every time I get a new phone I lose all my data. BCN is coming out with a subscription program that's cloud based and that should cure some of my woes, but I'd rather not have to pay a subscription but it doesn't sound like it's going to be too costly

From: Highway Star
I would like to see moon phase and barometric pressure.


From: Longcruise
It needs to be fully functional without cell service!

From: Chasewild
It needs to have pin-drops of all the big bulls killed posted on instagram from OTC units. Please and thanks.

From: Lark Bunting
Not sure if it's doable but private/public land boundaries would be awesome. It's public info anyway so seeing OnX having some competition might keep their prices more in check.

From: ColoBull
So-lunar tables - best times of the day for hunting & overall good/bad days. We've not seen the "excellent vs good vs avg vs poor" days to hold true, but I still check it on my GPS since it's there.

From: Longcruise
A good option for the solunar tables is the iHunt Ruger app. It's mostly a calling app but has the tables in it too as well as sunrise/sunset times.

From: Aspen Ghost
I'm easy. All I want is that it gives the real time GPS coordinates for all 250" + bulls in OTC areas.

From: ColoBull
on public lands...

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