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2nd Doe
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Woodsnut 19-Nov-17
soapdish 19-Nov-17
SixLomaz 19-Nov-17
notme 19-Nov-17
From: Woodsnut
Got nice doe with bow and just got another Saturday with gun. Think my season is over 2 is plenty for me and share a package or two with friend. But just may go sit for the buck but have not seen a buck all season.

From: soapdish
Good for you. Knowing how many you can consume in a year. I always hate hearing stories of some people having excess from years earlier, yet still go out.

From: SixLomaz
Congratulations. Time to relax in stand, put the boots up and wait for a "bigun" to stroll by. I hope you end the season with a blast. Good eating and good luck.

From: notme
Congrats dude!!! Its a strange year so you lucked out..enjoy!

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