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Ten POINT Cross Bow For Sale
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From: loneranger
Want a solid Ten Point CrossBow very reasonably priced? I have a Ten Point CrossBow-308 fps, with Accu-Draw and an Excalibur Scope on it. In Excellent Condition. I take pride in my equipment. New string and tuned. Selling for half of what I paid. Sweet Deal! If interested reply or email me at Don't pass this deal up!

From: hogthief
you might try

From: Kicker Point
good answer Hogthief. This is a bow site, not a gun site. NO problem with guns, but again, this is for bow hunters.

Really ?? So tired of hearing about self righteous Ks hunters and how they frown upon OSH or cross bow people. I own my own 85 acre farm in SE kansas and the only issue I have is with a local land owner who insist on hunting SE corner of my property in which he owns 1/10 of an acre. Most of us respect the local people and farmers but cannot control local a holes who want to hunt my bean field. Get over it !!!

A landowner with 1/10 of an acre, B.S. You don't own those deer.

From: Thornton
Maybe he's trying to sell it so he can buy a bow. My wife has been crossbow hunting lately and I hope she sticks a big one

Not interested but thanks for sharing. I am sure someone will take it though. I must confess that I have at one time been guilty of looking down on crossbows or "cross guns" as others would say it. But I purchased one this past spring, an Excalibur Micro 335 with a hand crank and I love it. I hate not being able to use a regular compound anymore. But i don't hate it as bad as the torn inner bicep on my right arm, or the 12 inch scar down the middle of my chest where they split my sternum down the middle in order to do a life saving quadruple bypass heart surgery last January. I am not a big fan of the 12 inch scar in my left forearm where they took the vein out to patch my heart back together either. But it is what it is. I got a crossbow so I could keep hunting with out risking further injury to my already battered 41 year old body, and perhaps get back to somewhat of a normal life. But seeing how it is not an accepted method of harvest by the masses, maybe I should just give up hunting. Tired of deer hunting and hunting in general becoming a competition anyway. Been thinking about taking up wood working instead or hunting small game only, maybe turkeys. I do love my turkeys. I have recovered well. Dropped 70 pounds and have rode my bicycle 2300 miles since January. Things aren't the same, and they never will be. In some ways its good and in someways its not. But I am more relaxed and fearless than I ever have been. I feel much better. Very thank full to be alive. Don't really care what anyone else does anymore.

From: Copperhead
Otown, good comment and continue to hunt what ever makes you feel good. Glad to hear you made it through your health problems.

One thing I try to remember is "Judge not lest ye be judged".

Longbeard that's great you're still able to hunt with everything you've been through! Nobody is going to give you a hard time for using a xbow when you have legit reasons to do so.

From: Kicker Point
Absolutely! Hunt with whatever makes you feel good. Agreed. Post on the Crossgunsite. That's all.

From: Trebarker
Most have been in support of medical hardship use of xguns in archery season, have not met anyone that didn't support that option.

I myself see their use during the archery season by those perfectly capable of shooting ARCHERY gear as nothing more than avoiding taking the time to learn how to bowhunt with a bow that has to be drawn and aimed when shot opportunity arises. I know of several firearms hunters who have sold the bolt guns already and are going back to guns after being humbled after one archery season. One told me he didn't have the time to "bowhunt" with his new toy, he preferred being able shoot longer range shots.

From: Rambo
I'll admit that I am a diehard Trad. hunter . That being said I have no ill feelings that if a person has lost the ability to use a hand held bow then by all means use a Xbow. Like someone has stated if its something other than that I am thumbs down. Like this year I've hunted a property starting in 05. this year a grandson of the land owner set up a stand 60 yards from my spot. So I stopped in to see just what he was doing. He is @ 16-17 years old so I explained that he should respect others and asked what equipment he was using said he got a Xbow ,I asked if he has been practicing and he said he has at 20 yards. Asking how far would he shoot at a deer , Said 60 yards. He was looking for a trophy buck and a doe. I tried to explain that 60 or 20 a lot of practice should be done. I could see that I was not making a friend. I have known him from when he was in training shorts. He has grown into a A typical teen age boy. He used to be a nice boy. I wish he would have come to me in which I would have helped the boy but he and his 16 something Cuz would manage to shoot either with a Xbow or a high power when gun season comes. Trying to give him a little advice that recurve, compound, Xbow or a 338 Win. Mag. we got to get out and cut paper. Bottom line is some if not most are lazy hunters. His grandpa made him move his ladder stand. I do not believe a cross bow teaches a hunter to be a bowhunter bottom line.

From: Ironbow
I do not believe a cross bow teaches a hunter to be a bowhunter bottom line.

Rambo, the weapon does not define the type of hunter. I have met jerk bowhunters and good rifle hunters and vice versa. Being taught to hunt, by someone that respects the game and the sport, is what makes a hunter, regardless of the weapon.

Keep encouraging the young hunter, maybe spend some time shooting with him. Kudos to you for trying.

From: Kicker Point
Crossguns are not bows. That's all. They should be used during primitive season and gun season. It's not a big hateful crusade of mine. Just common sense

From: sitO

From: ks chas

From: Orlando
Not sure how "common sense" it is to have crossbows relegated to primitive and gun seasons. Crossbows are nowhere near the same class as guns. Nor is today's crossbow with scopes, carbon fiber, etc in anyway "primitive"...just like a compound bow...or maybe even a recurve are not really primitive depending how picky you get. I will admit I do have an Excalibur 335 crossbow and was pleasantly surprised how accurate it was. That being said, it is also VERY LOUD and not nearly as fast as a deer's reaction time. That concerns me. So I keep my shots close. I also admit it felt a little bit like cheating the first time I shot it...about the same as the first time I shot my Ross....and before that the Power Mag...and before that the 1985 Jennings Forked Lightning....and before that the old Bear take-down recurve. My thought is what we hunt with and how difficult we want to make it is a personal decision...and most people are not willing to put in the time, effort, and attention to detail to be consistently successful...they try it and find out it is apparently not worth it to them.

From: hogthief
I was serious. I think you would have better luck selling it on a "gun" site. No personal slam was intended.

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