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SalvoKing 20-Nov-17
StickFlicker 20-Nov-17
From: SalvoKing
I am a hunter from Massachusetts. My brother moved out to AZ, I would like to visit him and plan a hunt together. He lives in Scottsdale. What would anyone on here suggest for a rifle hunt. I would like to whitetail but I am open to other options. We would like to spot and stalk hunt. Can anyone help we with the process of an out of state liscence. And suggest some areas close to Scottsdale? What is the best time of year.

From: StickFlicker
There are no true whitetail in Arizona, but we do have Coues Deer. All rifle permits are by drawing only, buck only, and the applications are due in approximately mid-June. The seasons are just winding down right now. Archery deer hunting is mostly over the counter, and the seasons begin opening in mid-December and run through January, depending on the area (for both mule deer and Coues). They will open again in late August and run through mid-September. The OTC tags ($300 NR) are based on a calendar year, so once you buy one for a particular year you can hunt all of the open seasons during that year, limit of one buck per year (no doe hunting in AZ). If you hunt in January, you might also be able to pick-up a leftover Javelina tag ($100 NR) in the same area (begin distributing them by mail next Monday) and have the chance at taking two different animals. A hunting license must be purchased in addition to the tag/permit, and is available OTC or online for $160 for a NR (hunting and fishing). Your brother would need to have lived here 6 months to be a resident. Good luck if you decide to do it.

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