Ned Connelly's wife passed away..
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RC 21-Nov-17
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Nocktaker 22-Nov-17
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From: RC

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Ned, a long time UBP member, asked me to post here about the passing of his wife, Rosemary. She passed away at home last Friday evening, surrounded by Ned and other family members. The viewing and burial is this coming Friday, attached is a link to the funeral home listing. Rest in peace, Rosemary. I'm so sorry, Ned. Take care brother. Roy

Oh my. So sad to hear. My sympathies to Ned and his family.

From: hawk-eye
So sorry Ned, you're all in our prayers.

From: Nocktaker
Sorry to hear of your loss Ned , Prayers sent!!!

From: Rut Nut
So sorry to hear this! Rosemary was such a sweet and classy lady! My prayers to you and your family Ned!

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