Summit Treestands
Copan WMA
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PSEStinger 21-Nov-17
Quailhunter 21-Nov-17
MichaelArnette 27-Nov-17
From: PSEStinger
Was thinking about hunting Copan WMA. Has anybody had expereince hunting this area?

From: Quailhunter
It’s been years but I used to bird hunt it a lot. Lots of deer up that way and on Hulah. Bowhunted it a time or two late season. I always liked the west side up near the state line. Have hunted along 75 as well and east of the highway. They used to always plant a lot of it in beans. I’d check out some of the creeks or fencerows on that NW side. Take a cart and hike in. You’ll have a lot of it to yourself after this Sunday.

Yep it's not too crazy after the gun season either...good luck! Find tree lines and use them to your advantage

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