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Drop Tine 22-Nov-17
From: Drop Tine

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Anyone in Northern MO. Willing to trade hunts? Looking for Bow and Muzzleloader. I only have 22 acres of my own but my County has the most public land than any other in the state and add to that the Managed forest lands that are private land open to hunting.

I have lived here 10 years and hardly scratched the surface as to learning it. Come up for a few weekends and scout some areas and hunt. I can show you tons of area. It’s mixed hardwoods and conifers, tagalder/Cedar swamps. “Big Woods” here you need to hunt. It’s not sitting over a food plot. Some of the Managed lands are agricultural woods mix. Bring a trailer or tent and set up here. Or there are motels about 15 minutes away.

NR licenses are 160.00 over the counter good for 1 Buck and in Aug. bonus doe tags go on sale for $12.00 a tag. In my area they sell out for public land.

I’m looking for my son, myself, and grandson possibly for a few weekends.

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