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2016/17 winter hard hit muledeer herds
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bill v 23-Nov-17
oldgoat 23-Nov-17
Treeline 24-Nov-17
From: bill v
Hello guys, I'm still trying to figure out what GMU to hunt mullies in next year. There was talk that some areas were hard hit by snow last winter. can anyone give me an overview over the areas that took a hard winter kill? I know this subject has been gone over many times, in fact I've asked and still not sure where to concentrate on, I was thinking that if there are areas that had bad winter kill last year I might be able to start by eliminating gmu's if thats the case.

Just so you know, there is 2 of us wanting to bowhunt (any season), NR's from Pa., plenty of points. I know above timber spot and stalk might be good, but what GMU? and that might be just a little too physical for me if its real rugged. I've been looking at 61, 21, 30, and some of the SW units. I just can't come up with a GMU i'm sure of, if we could get into 150"s, 160's I think we would be thrilled.

Thanks Bill v CBA member UBP ReG Director P&Y mem/measurer

From: oldgoat
Only place I heard about was Gunnison Basin. And I think it warmed up and got better before it got as bad as they were worried about. There was no shortage of mule deer hero pictures on my Instagram and Facebook this year! I'm more worried about what this winter might bring, nothing really solid confirming my fears about that, just a gut feeling from weather the way it's happening. I can't help you with where to go as I don't do the mountain hunting for deer, I like hunting whitetails out on our plains!

From: Treeline
Any of the units you mention can definitely produce good bucks, but are not high country hunts and do take lots of points.

None of those were hit that hard for winter kill.

Totally different kind of hunting than above treeline in those units. More of a sagebrush/oak brush/aspen pocket kind of hunting. You actually can do pretty well in some of those areas on treestands around some of the aspen or over a waterhole. Much less physically demanding to be successful than in the high country.

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