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Addicted 24-Nov-17
soapdish 24-Nov-17
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notme 25-Nov-17
steve 25-Nov-17
Addicted 25-Nov-17
From: Addicted
so I got a chance to go out today, didn't think I could so that was exciting. I got up in the stand before daybreak, stayed for a bit, saw nothing. so I started back to my truck and spooked about 5 or 6 deer bedding in some very think shrubs. they were thrashing around a lot trying to get out so I thought, has to be some bucks in there. all the antlers must have been getting stuck. so I quickly grabbed my grunt call and started grunting, I actually heard one grunt back. next thing i knew i see a doe running one way and a buck going a different way, one still behind the shrubs and sounds from the other side of a hill I was next to. I slowly looked up on the hill just behind me and all I saw were antlers and a big head, he saw me first and ran. then i look around the hill and an 8 pointer was coming my way. I leaned back on my backpack and waited for him to give me a side shot. he stopped about 10 yards in front of me and looked right at me. I put my cross hairs on his lungs and took the shot. I heard a thud. my arrow stuck in a 2 inch tree right between me and him. he looked at me, turned and ran before I could get another arrow loaded up. I was dumbfounded and amazed.

From: soapdish
Cool. Amazing how we act when they catch us off guard

From: SixLomaz
You got made. Fun just as much as you taking one home.

From: notme
Sometimes the chase is funerer

From: steve
Sounds like my morning got in my tree hear deer in the dark next 2 does come in watch them for a couple of min the turn my head and a 8 is coming over the wal I grab the xbow and it makes noise he jumps forward the starts walking down tourd me I get set he steps out I shoot he jumps and walks up the hill all the time waiting for him to fall but no he walks away wait a hour get doe can't find any blood check all over go back to arrow that is stuck in tree a couple of drops of blood and about 20 white hairs 21 yards and I shot low gettin old but it was a nice morning my buddy shot a big 6 at the same time ,

From: Addicted
I went home and checked my bow and the scope was off a little. The crazy part is every time I hit a deer with my bow, it jumps. when my arrow hit the tree this time, he didn't even flinch.

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