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Central Illinois buck activity after 11/
Contributors to this thread:
THE POPE II 25-Nov-17
Bryan 25-Nov-17
jstephens61 18-Dec-17
Highlife 18-Dec-17
Dusktildawn 19-Dec-17
DozRdeer2 19-Dec-17
Dusktildawn 24-Dec-17
Franzen 14-Jan-18
Morning all, just asking for some feedback on what ya'all are seeing in your neck of the woods as rut dies down. I'm livingston county here. Thanks

From: Bryan
Seen a smaller 6 pt moving yesterday morning, didn't seem interested in much. This was Dewitt county.

From: jstephens61
Just drove by a 130” 8pt following a doe across a field. Second rut?

From: Highlife
Be about the right time

From: Dusktildawn
Some chasi g in Northern part of the state. Coming down to Jasper Couny this weekend hope to see some movement.

From: DozRdeer2
Had a yearling 6 pt chasing a doe fawn yesterday afternoon in Richland County.

From: Dusktildawn
Hunted Jasper County yesterday with 2 buddiea from sunrise to sunset. Little to no deer movement entire day. Saw a pack of 5 does after buddy climbed down to relocate around 9:30a.m. We were hunting near bedding areas close to corn fields. Very few fresh tracks in the new snow. Moved to another location for afternoon hunt. Hunted in places between creek and known bedding areas across from ag fields. We normally always see deer movement here all season however after 6 hr afternoon sit all we saw was 4 does last 5 min of safe light. Must have seen 40 fresh rubs and half dozen new scrapes but zero bucks. Merry X-Mas and good luck hunting last few weeks. Hopefully the cold weather and snow will get them moving. FYI..we were on public land.

From: Franzen
Last day gentlemen and ladies. Saw at least 8 last night in my one spot that has a decent herd. Unfortunately most of the deer are not typically on my property. Last night they were, except for some reason they didn't put their noses in the wind to come feed. They headed right downwind, otherwise I might have had an opportunity. No antlers were seen, but no telling if there were any bucks.

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