Canning deer
West Virginia
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Just wondering how many of you can your deer meat. I tried it for the first time last year now that where most of our goes. Family loves it

From: JayD
Going to can some tomorrow- we love it too - still love some steak as well

From: Rutbuster
I can all the deer we get with the exception of the back straps. We occasionally make jerky out of a deer. Cold packing is the only way to go in my opinion.

From: Ron Miller
My daddy loved canned deer meat and when he was alive he would can 60-80 qts most every year !

From: sundaynwv
I usually can the shoulders.

I can some every year.

Not familiar with the process for canning deer meat. I know I could just Google it, but any tried and true ways you guys use?

From: woodstick
Cut clean meat into 1"ish cubes. Fill quarts 1" from top. I usually add 1 tsp of canning salt, but that's optional. Don't add water. Can for 90 minutes at 15psi. There's more to it, but I figure you're already familiar with the basics.

Thanks woodstick

From: Jim Casto Jr
My children were raised on canned vension. The only parts we didn't can is the back strap and tenderloins We did ours just like woodstick, except I added a cube of beef bullion in each jar.

IIRC, an adult deer will make about 21 to 24 quarts.

From: Babysaph
My NJ buddies call it potted meat. LOL.

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