Garmin Xero Bow Sight
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Oneeye 27-Nov-17
Paul 27-Nov-17
bigbuckbob 27-Nov-17
spike78 27-Nov-17
SWK 27-Nov-17
notme 27-Nov-17
From: Oneeye
In the last two weeks my property has blown up with rubs. I'm only seeing a spike in camera and I don't think he is the one doing it based in the size and amount. I have lost five apple trees. I last week fenced in the trees and now he moved on to some other trees I planted and rubbed three of them in last few days. My wife works from home and hasn't seen any deer.

From: Paul
Don’t know about that one , notme you have that rash agian and running trees

From: bigbuckbob
I was out on Friday last week and notice new scrapes and rubs in one of the areas I hunt, although I have to say it's not up to the qty I've seen years past, but still encouraging.

From: spike78
I haven’t seen any new scrapes and the old ones look at least a few weeks old. Odd year

From: SWK
On my mock scrapes they r actually avoiding them not by much just going around them...Happens every year.

From: notme
Its been awhile since my last rash...i liles the white pines for the

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