Arkansas Bear hunts
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kbbgood 27-Nov-17
Salagi 03-Dec-17
Tangman 14-Dec-17
From: kbbgood
Is Arkansas Bear hunts a draw system? Do they fill all the non resident tags? Just wonder how hard it is to get a tag and also do then have good maps for the public hunting land?

From: Salagi
Here's the official site:

Not a draw system, just a quota in most zones. No baiting except on private land. Actually didn't fill the zone 1 quota until late this year. Last year the zone 1 archery quota was filled in just a few days.

I'm no help at all on the maps, sorry.

From: Tangman
GPS with the state map chip is the best way to determine public land, but you can do it with WMA maps. Most private land here is posted/painted. Big chunks of acreage in National Forests. Keep in mind you cannot bait on public land.

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