Poacher (Not Hunter) kills woman in NY
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From: bigbuckbob
As the story goes, a lady was shot while walking her dogs after sunset by her neighbor with a hand gun at 200 yards???? Yeah, that's what I said. Of course they're calling it a "Hunting Accident". She was walking her 2 labs when this guy mis-took her for a deer. That excuse never ceases to amaze me how a person looks anything like a deer. Can't fix stupid.

From: Steve7
Then theyll say it was the gun that did it.

From: SixLomaz
Dark and evil gun which is amplifying our sins to become reality. Rationalizing or explaining something like this it is due to our denial in accepting GOD. This was meant to happen folks the same way most of us wake up to see another day. The woman and the shooter did their part in gloryfing the eternal will. No doubt about it. Enjoy your life and live in God's glory as if it was your last day on Earth every day. Amen.

From: BoneHead

From: notme
I read that same day same county that someone took shots at a brown truck parked behind the bushes thinking it was a deer...

From: rix102
Along the same line in New York a hunter mis-took a brown pick up truck as a deer and shot the engine compartment. Dumb ass

From: GF
Dumber still, it was his own damn truck!

Six - God does NOT author the suffering of innocents; the down-side of Free Will is that some use it so poorly.

From: SixLomaz
@GF: That is not my impression given the suffering rich history perpetrated in HIS name over centuries by different religions. Leaving suffering aside it is rather the events that are sanctioned and orchestrated by divine intervention. From the moment humans are born until the last day their life on Earth is nothing but suffering. There is a need for a balance between the good and the evil as the designer intended it. Too much good leads to same amount of suffering. How else would we be absolved of our sins if we did not commit them in the first place.

To answer any other "WOW" comments, I am not religious. I believe in the simple message brought forth by Jesus and I have faith. That is all and it works for me.

From: Dr. Williams

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It wasn't his truck he shot. And I'm not sure how that poacher killed that woman with a handgun at 200 yards. Awful.

From: bleydon
Seems to be some conflation between Jesus and Thanos from Infinity War. In any case for those of you with free will and tags left good luck in the rest of the season. Unless its all predetermined in which case your existence is premised on a sad illusion which you have no real control over.

From: notme

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From: N8tureBoy

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Be careful out there, I'm pretty sure this is the mating season for antlered cars. One can only assume the guy who shot the pickup truck had an antler less permit...

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