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Darn Virginia Elk Poachers
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tonyo6302 01-Dec-17
Fuzzy 04-Dec-17
tonyo6302 06-Dec-17
Matt_B 07-Dec-17
Buskill 04-Feb-18
bohunr 18-Mar-18
Fuzzy 19-Mar-18
From: tonyo6302

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Two bull Elk poached recently in Virginia. Darn shame !!!!

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From: Fuzzy

From: tonyo6302
Exactly, Fuzzy. I couldn't have said it any better !

From: Matt_B
...and this is why we can't have nice things :(

From: Buskill
I’ve been waiting for one to pass by me Tazewell county but hasn’t happened yet . An acquaintance of ours shot a 5x5 a few years back in Amonate .

From: bohunr
I'm new here they have Elk and Elk hunts? Or just Elk?

From: Fuzzy
Elk but no elk hunts as of yet.

In counties outside the elk management areas, elk may be taken during deer season, by methods legal for deer hunting, and with the same daily restrictions (sex/antler, hours, weapon, etc) I know one person who took a six-by-six in Bland County under this rule. He says you'd better be DARNED sure you're all legal (he was) and be prepared for some intense DGIF scrutiny.

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