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New Bow Arrived
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ground hunter 02-Dec-17
Inmyelement 02-Dec-17
Reggiezpop 02-Dec-17
Novice 02-Dec-17

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Well my new bow arrived this week. It has Trad Tech limbs on a Trad Tech Galaxy riser, with a new custom string, a ILF system, which I never had before. Since I can not shoot yet, a friend of mine, at his archery shop, set it up, and he is also a lefty shooter with the same draw length I have,,,,,,,

We tuned it, and checking the tiller spaceing carefully, nock position, string twist etc,,,, ILF systems are different, but they are easier to tune, in my opinion. The riser is 17 inches, so with the limbs set for 62 on a 19 inch riser, it came out to 59 inches long, and was smooth as silk,,,,,, no stacking, with the ILF system you can adjust both your lower and upper limbs..... to find a sweet spot.....

We bare shafted it, and then we used my arrows, GT 600 with 4 inch fletch, it was shooting bullet holes in paper,,,,,, Jeremy was shooting the day lights in 4 inch sq at 20 yards, no problem,,,, said, "this is a shooter"

I found the bow on the classifieds on Leatherwall, so if your looking for a bow, good place to look,,,,, Again, I never had a ILF system, but I am thinking I will be pleased....

Merry Christmas to me

From: Inmyelement
Sounds like a nice set up. There's just something about those custom wood recurve and longbows that is more appealing to me. But coming from a guy who shoots a Samick Sage, it wouldn't take much to upgrade the aesthetics.

From: Reggiezpop
I have a Northern Mist long bow that I absolutely love, but shoot my PSE recurve so much better. More practice!!!

From: Novice
Xmas came early. Very nice! Enjoy and I hope you get Mr big with it.

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