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From: WVLineman
There’s an 8-point near my house that has an arrow stuck in its back. Looks like it isn’t in too deeply, but i know it’s been carrying it around for at least a week. What’s gonna happen with this deer? Will they attempt to remove it if they can?

From: pawpaw
I hit a doe high one time and didn't get a lot of penetration. She ran a little ways then she stopped and pulled it out with her teeth. I would think if he was able to pull it out he would have already.

From: sundaynwv
Eventually fall out. If deer seems to be walking fine, the biggest concern should be infection.

From: WVLineman
Deer seems like he doesn’t even pay attention to it. I thought it might be able to pull it out, but obviously not. It looks like it was shot from behind. Thanks.

From: hookman
It will probably get knocked out or broke off when he runs through some brush. He will be ok.

From: Babysaph
Someone will put him out of hid misery

WVlineman, I'm almost afraid to ask, but where do you live? Sounds like what happened to me a couple of weeks ago in Jackson County.

From: WVLineman
I live in Wyoming County. Buck still had the arrow in a pic at my camera yesterday.

From: gobbler
It will probably catch on something and pull it out. Or it may fester up and the body will attempt to push it out kinda like having a splinter in your finger. If it can’t the body will wall it off with fibrous and scar tissue . In cold weather it is less likely to get infected than if it was during the summer

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