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Figured out the issue with my spot
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From: peterk1234
I have this spot that on paper is killer. Big swamp, oaks everywhere, obvious deer runs, great cover nearby for them to bed. But the deer have been non-existent. My dog and I have hiked, and mountain biked this place for years and always kicked up deer. They were everywhere.

So I went for walk today, but past my spot and way off to the left. An entire section of the forest is being cut down for a f'n development. I could hear equipment running while sitting in the tree stand, but I figured it was the usual, upper middle class homeowner outsourcing their lawn care needs to some landscaping company (nothing against upper middle class, I'm probably one of them; I just feel strongly about raking my own leaves, mowing, shoveling and fixing shit around the house). Nope. The whole f'n place is being ripped to shreds.

I read somewhere that we are losing 22 acres per day to development in Massachusetts. This is spot number two for me that is going to be lost to homes. This is getting so old. Between traffic jams and development, I am quickly getting to my wits end. I was going to hunt this place again this week. I think it may be time to try a brand new place and speed scout/hunt with the muzzleloader.

From: stillhunter
Feel your pain. The land around two of my best spots were clear cut this year. Loss in deer sign was dramatic. Time will tell what they do with it.

From: Dthfrmabove
Deer like developments in the clear cut stage. Find a way to hunt near it

From: spike78
If that is the case then shouldn’t you be seeing deer since they are not over that way due to the cutting going on?

From: Eastie778
Peter, I actually benefited from the same sort of situation, clear cutting, developing, created a couple of great funnels for me. If they leave anything with a legal shot and you can figure out the bedding situation, you might be in for a pleasant surprise in the future. Dfa is right on, and I think he might have given me the same advice in a similar thread. The scouting is a good strategy, but I feel you brother on the developing at the expense of some great woods. Hope it works out for you.

From: peterk1234
I think I need some snow to figure where they are now hanging out. There is/was some very thick growth where the clear cutting carnage is going on right now. I am going to guess they are not bedding there anymore. There is the other side of this swamp. The swamp is very large as is the other side. I only recently found access to it and plan to scout it hard next year. I would not be surprised to see that they are pushed to that side. I thought is was really weird that an and all buck sign just shut down completely. I mean

From: UrbanHunter
I figured out the issue with my spot.... I think Moons is hunting it ;)

The world keeps having kids,.. until that stops this is result,.. What are we at now,.. I lost track at 6 billion people? Imagine 6 billion?,.. Probably 7 by now,..

Whats another billion,.. ?

From: Sosso
It’s looking like snow on Friday.

From: peterk1234
Nice. I will make sure I have no appointments :)

From: Moons22
Hahahah urabannnnn!!! I'm not in ur woods!! Been trying up in Nh at the camp but we have 0 deer per square mile up here it's tough. Coming back this week on a doe mission

From: Pi
BB , Why is that a problem ? Think Mick on Rocky : What we need is a manager !

From: MA_Bowhunter

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Jesus thats a lot of folks. I heard our population is growing faster now than ever in all of history. Not in usa but in developing countrys. Why is that a problem? Picks jaw up off floor again. Never mind Pi i dont think you could understand the worrys i have either about the environment ,. fossil fuels ,.. or population growth. Not something we can really discuss. Lets talk hunting gentleman!

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