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Coyote calling contest??
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crazyhawksfan 04-Dec-17
writer 04-Dec-17
Thornton 05-Dec-17
LuckyStrike 06-Dec-17
Hey guys just curious if anyone knows of any contest in the works? Me and some buddies are wanting to enter a few just to mix it up. Let me know if ya have heard of any. Thanks guys

From: writer
Make the same request on the Kansas Hunting and Fishing Facebook page. Saw one mentioned there recently. Antis shut one down around Hill City, last year.

From: Thornton
How do the anti hunters shut something down that is not illegal?

From: LuckyStrike
If there is any money involved, like a calcutta or a prize pool, they will threaten to bring legal action for illegal gambling. Most folks don't have the time or the money to mess with it after the Antis start with the threats.

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