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Z11SC Sat Dec 9 Snow
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bowandspear 04-Dec-17
Pi 04-Dec-17
Cougar 04-Dec-17
mrw 05-Dec-17
Qdiver911 05-Dec-17
bowandspear 05-Dec-17
From: bowandspear
Well for all if us SC Z11 Quahogs it looks like this Saturday may bring some perfect conditions. Low of 27 at dawn cloudy and predicting snow flurries, maybe to help with some 2nd rut action. I'm not a gambling man persay, but I'm trading in all my afternoon sits this week for a bundle up, 6 pocket warmer, two thermos all day partay in a tree in funnel between cut cornfield and swamp that's rubbed up.

From: Pi
From one quahog to another . uh ha .

From: Cougar
ill be in saratoga... but hoping for snowy late season!

From: mrw
I'll be about 2 miles north of you Mike, in a swamp. Hope we have to argue who's helping who first!

From: Qdiver911
Sounds like a perfect day!

From: bowandspear
Me too MRW!

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