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From: Qdiver911
Watching my Doe at 55/yds, she had been lazily walking up out of the gully. Watched her for a good 10/mins, slowly but steadily closing the gap. I'm ready & patiently, In position--- Segway, I hunt PRIVATE/ posted land which I'm blessed to have so close to me.

Continuing on, 54, 53,52....... she freezes up rigid, eyes locked, ears turned...... up the PRIVATE ROAD, rolls up Mr trespasser on his cute little red quad. Rant over

From: bowandspear

From: B&M Baked
Friday evening sit herd some crashing to my right O Boy five minutes later 2 kids on quads game over. At Last lite.

From: xi
Did you have a meet and greet with him.

From: lunker
bikers r in the same boat as us hated

From: Pi
Conditionally Agreed Lunker , But as you know ,it is against the law for them to be doing that and not for us to be doing what we are doing. Especially on posted land.

This year a local person cut a wide path through another persons wetlands in order to have a new trail for his fun on 4 wheels. He drives across two private land spaces , (under a tree stand that has been there forever and well used ) and plows through a wetlands where deer like to hang out and appear from. No deer this year because of it. To multiply the stupidity and legal issue , he drops down wood pallets and 20 pieces of plywood screwed together. On Someones else's land ... Not his .

Its not legal to ride without permission anywhere but we have tolerance for those sticking to main trails that have been used for many years. The deer do too. But when people are busting through habitat and screwing up the legal hunting going on then they are way over the line.

They are not in our boat ! It is incompatible and likely why there is that law against it. That and Habitat destruction. Guess what the Conservation commission did . Problem corrected and now for Nature to repair the damage . But my good neighbor was screwed out of a whole hunting season and being 80 years old he doesn't have many options at this point and not enough time to role with it. His Kids hunted it and that was a family bonding event. ( S.S. Minnow. )

From: Dthfrmabove
Well placed trail cameras will catch the action. Follow the trail to where it starts and notify the police. It will end the problem temporarily but keep at it for the whole entire year and you should be free and clear for next hunting season. I know it doesn't do you any good this year though

From: Let's Go
I work for a railroad and we have constant problems with ATVs and dirt bikes. I have the EPOs on speed dial. They will respond and stake out an area for a while. give them a call when the season is over. Let's Go

From: B&M Baked
I practice tolerance all the time because i am no angel.

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