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Camper on Nantucket
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Skippah 04-Dec-17
HunterGatherer 08-Dec-17
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Mathews Halon 6 08-Dec-17
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HunterGatherer 08-Dec-17
From: Skippah
Anyone have any experience with places to bring a 30' travel trailer camper on the island? Only necessity is electricity, during muzzleloader season for a few days? Any advice is appreciated

You would need to call steamship authority first and see when they could ferry that...ain't gonna be cheap by any means

yeah, I took a truck boat and trailer over for work once, think it was around $750 just for the ferry round trip

I've been hunting Nantucket for 16 years and have not missed a year i go for two weeks during the Archery Season but i'm fortunate to have a friends in which lives there that allows me and a couple of my close friends to stay at there house for the 2 weeks that im there. They do NOT allow campers on the island its a Nantucket Town Law so dont bother. The only way would be to rent a house in which is gonna run you around $2500-$3000 for the Week and on short notice you will be lucky to find one plus the Security deposit that they require, and $320 dollars round trip for your vehicle not including your passenger ticket. The other option is to rent a room from one of the Guest House's but again very expensive they charge anywhere from 175-275 a night and you can NOT hang deer at the Guest House's nor do they want to see them so it makes it very tuff. Long story short its a VERY EXPENSIVE TRIP!!!! Also you better have a good idea of where to hunt because there is a lot of POSTED property and areas in which are conservation were hammered during the Shotgun week...........Good Luck

From: xi
Skippah, there are other islands off the coast. Start scouting now, like Halon said, it's a little late this year.

MV and Nantucket are the only 2 you can hunt. Nantucket has a ton of land you can hunt? Just stay off conservation and ur good. The Vineyard is state forest or written permission, not many ML hunters tho

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