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NR with a question
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bfisherman11 05-Dec-17
hogthief 07-Dec-17
bfisherman11 07-Dec-17
hogthief 08-Dec-17
bfisherman11 11-Dec-17
hogthief 13-Dec-17
Old School 04-Feb-18
From: bfisherman11
Hello guys, I've got a chance this year to bowhunt in North cenral MO this January (week of 1/6). It is a combination AG and wooded areas. I have never bowhunted MO, so excuse me if this is a dumb question. Just wondering if the bucks would still respond to a buck decoy? I think your rit would be over and the pattern back to bed to feed. I suspect no, but wanted to ask. Up in Wi where I hunt a decoy is a great tactic during the seek, Chase and a bit post rut. Not as much post rut but sometimes.

So, what is the mood of the bucks that time of year if you had a guess?

Thanks, Bill

From: hogthief
leave the deke if its not important to you. hunt as close to bedding areas as you dare. the big boys have been chased around for 3.5 months and probably won't hit a field until after dark. thats just what I do. do what you enjoy. if you like hunting over a deke, do it.

From: bfisherman11
Thanks hog, makes sense. Bucks in WI are almost totally nocturnal by me from what I've seen after gun season. I will treat it similar to that phase. When is the rut in the northern part of MO? In Wi where I hunt the week of 11/6 was the seek and chase phase. Got my buck with my recurve on 11/7 so figure the actual rut was some time around 11/12 or so. Maybe not so different than my WI area.

Again, Thanks! Bill

From: hogthief
same here. although I still saw a bit of chasing last weekend. maybe a young doe coming in heat late. weather has been really "nice" here this year. last night was our first 20 degree night. what recurve do you shoot? I'm shooting a custom bighorn.

From: bfisherman11

bfisherman11's embedded Photo
bfisherman11's embedded Photo
hog, I hunt with a Black Widow PSA now. Took my first trad critter (bear) in Maine with a Bighorn. I still have that bow, they are nice shooting bows. Mine was made when Bud Boker owned BH. He was a good guy, unfortunately he passed away only a few months after I got my bow. I think if he was around there would be a lot more Bighorn shooters.


From: hogthief
mine is a G.Fred. my dad gave it to me when he got too old to pull it. stacks hard, but shoots straighter than I do.

From: Old School
Bill - nice buck and bow. I've posted quite a bit on the big game forum but for whatever reason, I haven't even looked on the MO forum until now. I hunt with a Mike Treadway longbow and love how it shoots. So did you do any good on your hunt? By the time late November rolls around in Missouri, it gets quite difficult to score on a good buck - even on private land.


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