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New WIld Life Managment Area in VA...
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foxbo 05-Dec-17
Fuzzy 06-Dec-17
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From: foxbo
I live in Spotsylvania County. The Virginia Game Commission has purchase over 2,900 hundred acres in Spotsylvania County which is part of the old Oakley estate. It is called the Oakley Forest. There are several areas for access right now and I'm sure more in the future. This is some of the best hunting in VA. Check out the info on the online VGIF site. I only live ten minutes from this area and I can not be happier. If anyone needs more info, let me know as I would love to share this area with fellow sportsman. Best of regards...Ed.

From: Fuzzy
Awesome! a bit far for me to travel but I'm glad it exists!

From: tonyo6302
Thanks for the info.

From: Matt_B
Appreciate the heads up, I too live in Spotsy and will definitely be checking this out.

From: foxbo
I went over and took a look at the place, at least part of it, last week. I parked at the location of the old fire tower, which is now gone. There's an area to park. I followed the old logging road down to the river and then walked towards a bridge on West Catharpin Road. I'd guess it's three quarters of a mile to the river bottom and probably that far again to the bridge. The logging road is thick as heck on both sides. No way would you see a deer there unless it was blasting across the road. The river bottom is about a hundred yards wide on both sides making it pretty easy to see in either direction. I saw a couple good crossing and no sign of anyone else. If I killed a deer on that bottom, I'd drag it to the bridge as the climb coming back out the logging road gets steep. There is a minimum of points for taking a buck. It has to have at least four points on one side, at least one inch long. Maybe I'll see some of you guys in the woods.

From: Fuzzy
sounds like a place I'd love to hunt

From: Fuzzy
so did anyone hunt this WMA this year? how is it?

From: foxbo
I didn't hunt much this season. I never went back. I did see cars and trucks parked at a few different entrance points, thru out the season, even on week days. I don't know how true it is, but I heard the state is going to make it a lottery hunt next season. I don't see why as the place is pretty large.

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