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From: Droptine10
Since getting back into bow hunting this year, I find im doing some things the old way. All season my clothes are stored outside in 55 gal. tubs.The tubs are also full of leaves. They will also spend the rest of the year and all the way up to next season, in these tubs, outside. Does anyone else keep it "old school" ?.

From: XbowfromNY
I just wash everything non-scented and store in plastic tubs. Then each day before hunting I do a quick spray down.

From: skipmaster1
I wash mine in non scented soap, store in plastic bins and ozone wash everything before each sit.

From: bow shot
Not saying it works, but I do the tubs/vegitation thing too. Wash in baking soda, line dry (takes forever after late bow, lol!!!) and then in the tubs they go.

From: Droptine10
Bow shot, I do the same thing !.I had enough changes of clothes that the late season drying time didn't pose a problem :) I didn't have to use the dryer once.I love that fact.I did have some earth scented dryer sheets just in case. I did the same with my boots.Up side down on PVC pipes in far back yard.Still there now. Transported in a scent free bag for hunting trips.The bottoms have never touched anything but natural dirt. I even "field dress".Yes, you guessed it.I run outside to the storage shed wrapped in a towel.Some of the mornings were VERY challenging. Nothing like dressing outside when it's 25° and all the clothes your putting on are also 25° (?_?)... I'm a little fanatical with this stuff for sure.You would think I was chasing 150" whitetail !. I shot a doe and a spike , a little short of 150 mark...

From: bow shot
LOL! I appreciate that 'tine! I usually dress in the shed too, oh yeah... bitter cold!!! Lately in my old age I've been compromising, by the time late bow rolls around, I bring the tubs inside and make a mess, and get out of the house fast. Boots stay outside though, all year

From: Droptine10
I brought my tubs into the garage on the really cold nights. It's semi-heated so it makes a big difference.

From: C.Beck
I think leaving your clothes outside does make a difference for a short time. I just don't like when you put them on and find out someone else is occupying them. He he he. I had a spider make a home out of one of my jackets and now I don't leave my clothes outside anymore unlesss it's really cold. It was big! Almost fell off the platform.

From: Droptine10
Haha, I know what you mean , I have been lucky so far ;)

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