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Bicycles on WIHA
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rickthom36 07-Dec-17
AndrewE 07-Dec-17
Thornton 07-Dec-17
Killinstuff 07-Dec-17
KB 07-Dec-17
Brick 07-Dec-17
KsRancher 07-Dec-17
MBabs 07-Dec-17
From: rickthom36
So, a hunting buddy and I were discussing the use of bikes on WIHA. We hunt a cpl WI tracts from time to time but they are not big enough to warrant a bike ride in. But anyhow, we got on the topic. Neither of us know if it is legal or not. I scoured KWPT website and found nothing.

Any one know the answer to that?

From: AndrewE

From: Thornton
I know a guy that rides into a wildlife area.

From: Killinstuff
The signs say "foot traffic only" and bike don't have feet. So????

From: KB
I emailed Pratt a few years back with this question. It was a no go.

From: Brick
I've been given the green light at a couple of wildlife areas with the stipulation that I don't have a nocked arrow or gun loaded while I'm riding.

Obviously, the rules for WIHA may differ from a WA.

From: KsRancher
If I am jacking this thread please tell me and will post new thread. Are game carts allowed?

From: MBabs
I was told bicycles are ok on public lands by kdwp. A bicycle is not legally considered a vehicles.

WIHA I didn't ask. But I interpret foot traffic only as just that.

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