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Hunting The Roads
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Confused 07-Dec-17
Swampbuck 11-Dec-17
outdoorpat 18-Jun-18
From: Confused
Little Help Please !! How far from the county road bordering my local Pasco county Florida WMA must I be to legally Bow Hunt??

From: Swampbuck
Every WMA is different, you're going to have to read up on the one you're hunting. There's one near me wher a county road runs right through the middle of it. You could hunt right next to the road, but I don't know why you would. You still need to check in and out at the main station and enter and exit from the designated entrances. Unless you found a beat down game trail crossing the road I would hunt a few hundred yards in. Just my two cents. Hope this helps, J

From: outdoorpat
i honestly don't believe there is a regulation on how far from the road you need to be as long as you're in the wma (please call them, im honestly not sure). I assume you're talking about green swamp? I'm probably going to be there this season. I've heard quite a few people recommending hunting the roads. It makes sense, they're long and clear. You could see a deer cross a quarter mile away. Personally, I'll be in the trees tho lol

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