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Banks deer feeder
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smellybuck 15-Dec-17
BoneHead 18-Feb-18
Archer 06-Oct-18
ainsleyhunt 26-Dec-20
six 01-Jan-24
GaleShimp 19-Mar-24
From: smellybuck
Has anyone tried the Banks gravity feeder, there website advertises it as being bearproof, it looks pretty tuff but I'd really like to hear from someone that's used it in bear country.

From: BoneHead
I've used the feeder for 2 seasons now and I love it. I'm from CT. Plenty of black bears getting at it but just reach there paws in but no damage. They try to rock it but the pole is in concrete. Works great!

From: Archer

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True hunter needs to use different types of appliances to be an advanced hunter. He also should have good command over the advantages and limitations of his accessories.

From: ainsleyhunt

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Hunting Seeker
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Hunting Seeker

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Yes! hunters needs latest accessories for perfect hunting. There are many guides which you have to read before hunting.

From: six
I know a guy who has had a banks feeder going for about 4 years now. Yes bear proof. He bought a big buck feeder and its not even racoon proof. He wished he would have bought another banks.

From: GaleShimp
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