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NE mule deer hunt wanted
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Deone H 17-Dec-17
KB 19-Dec-17
Windwalker 19-Dec-17
Deone H 20-Dec-17
Deone H 03-Jan-18
From: Deone H
Hello NE, I’m looking for a good area in NE to hunt mule deer and hope to meet someone on here to hunt with. I live just across the border in Kansas and have some property to hunt in NE but the quality of animals is pretty low. I know there are very quality mule deer in NE, just don’t know where to start. I have lots of potential trade opportunities for hunting or equipment. Looking for someone to hunt with even. If you are interested in more info, please pm. I’ve tried public in NE, hoping for a different opportunity. Thank you! Deone

From: KB
You might try the NE F&G forum, Deone. ( Much more traffic there, which isn’t saying much. Take a look at their success threads and you’ll see quickly why their quality is sub par, at best. I did 19 days across 7+ counties up there this year. By far the best populations and age structure were just across the border from you. Having said that I didn’t lay eyes on a muley I would even consider in KS. Private or public. As much as we complain about KS management sometimes, Nebraska would hands down be the best quality buck state in the country if managed the same. But the upper Midwest boys need someplace to fill their freezers with forkies. Better there than here!

Having said all that, I’ll go back for sure. There are some incredible places and if a guy can temper his expectations inches-wise by a fair amount it’s a great hunt. Good luck!

From: Windwalker
KB is right about Nebraska. He hit the nail on the head. There is no trophy management in Nebraska.

From: Deone H
I understand what you guys are saying. I have seen some darn good deer come out of Nebraska just have no idea where they are from. Still hoping to come up with something to expand my season as i typically have some extra time to hunt.

From: Deone H
I found exactly what i was looking for.

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