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Hunting Kauai
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Mungo 02-Jan-18
MeanMachine 22-Mar-18
MeanMachine 22-Mar-18
Cazador 22-Jun-18
From: Mungo
Planning a trip to Hawaii in October and are going to spend 6 days on Kauai. I talked my wife into letting me take a day or two to hunt boar/goats on the Na'Pali and my buddy is working on his wife presently. We will be staying in Princeville, I believe, and I am wondering where we can go to make sure our bows are still shooting straight. Taking a target with me is not feasible and buying one there seems excessive. Are there any ranges in the area?

From: MeanMachine
PM me I can get you a place to shoot

From: MeanMachine
Since you already will need to purchase a hunting license to hunt the goats. The season for Blacktails will be open and you may want to hunt that too.

From: Cazador
October is still a ways, but I had to cancel the trail trip as it's closed. FS mentioned, no tentative date to reopen as of yet.

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