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Archery Elk Recommendation Please
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Lone Bugle 03-Jan-18
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bighornram 09-Jan-18
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Royboy 10-Jan-18
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5575 27-Jan-18
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ohiohunter 03-Dec-18
From: Lone Bugle
I'm a non-resident with 9 points for WY elk. I'll have a resident guide so wilderness areas are in play. I'd appreciate hearing what units produce the best bulls. Not looking for specific spots, but would like to know I'm spending these points wisely.

FYI - I am also cross-tabbing with Hunting Fool

From: Topgun 30-06
45-9 will get you a good hunt in and out of the wilderness in the Big Horns and you won't have to worry about big bears!

From: Lone Bugle
Thanks Topgun!

From: Bownarrow
38 (also in the bighorns) is a solid unit. 9 points should get you a tag. No bears and you will be in elk. If you draw it PM me and I'll give you specific spots where you will likely be in elk. Another option: You can do a google search and get top units for big bulls. Most WY units will produce 300-320" 6x6 bulls if you are willing to put on miles. And there are 330-340"+ bulls in the Bighorns and most Wy units, but you'll have to be serious about passing elk and have time to hunt. And you'll have to get lucky. What does big bull mean to you? a solid 6x6 or a great mass 5x5? Or do you have specific inches in mind? If you have a number of inches in mind (i.e. 340"+), my recommendation is a private ranch hunt. And you'll have to do your research and be ready to wait a couple years because the best ranches are sold out typically for a couple years no matter your PP number. Kelly

From: bighornram
If you can play with the bears the areas around Mettessee are great. Very little archery pressure account bears. Big rough country best hunted with horses but can be done without. Area's 61-64 all have great elk #'s and big bulls. They also have lots of Grizzly's.

From: Royboy
What bighornram said.

From: Royboy
What bighornram said.

From: Nesser
He's a big bull killer... Eric, 45 with wilderness access would be a great hunt. Let me know if you decide to put in for that.

From: wyohunter1
I've had 63 and 64 tags multiple times and never seen a g-bear. They around, just not as many as the units to the north. I know 61 and 62 have them from people I know that hunt elk there.

From: Treeline
Got 11 going into this year, myself. Kinda kicking around maybe pulling the trigger this year myself. Thinking about one of those NW units or over in the Bighorns. Have hunted around the bears in WY and up in AK and they are to be respected, but not unmanageable.

There is some good info in this thread. Too bad I'll never have enough points to try any of these units because I keep burning my points on GEN tags. :(

From: 5575
When you get 10 pref points let me know, my buddy has one of the best ranches in the state and his archery hunters are 100% on 300"+ bulls. You'll see 200-800 elk a day, fun place to hunt let me tell you!

From: 5575

5575's embedded Photo
5575's embedded Photo
My buddy took my advice and took this great looking bull this past week there. One happy camper, said it was a bugling rut fest all day long. I think he'll be on cloud 9 for several months. This was his first elk hunt, not sure where he will go from here! Cool looking bull.

From: wytex

wytex's embedded Photo
wytex's embedded Photo
You looking for something like this? This area hasn't been mentioned yet.

From: ohiohunter
Looks like the yotes found it first

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