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Help me understand type9 and Gen Archery
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From: ohiohunter
Why and how is it that limited type 9 units are also general units which allow an archery stamp? From what I am seeing, some of them are the exact same dates, some type 9 are a few weeks longer than the gen A-stamp. Example unit 68. Am I missing something?

To understand how it works, you need to also look at Section 3 of the Elk regs...Special Archery Seasons.

Using your example of area 68, even though it's a general area, there's also Type 9 licenses available. For those that draw a Type 9 Archery Only tag, they have 1-14 Sep to themselves, although they can continue to hunt till the end of Sep. Since they have a Type 9 license, they do not need an archery license.

However, starting 15 Sep, the special archery season begins. Anyone with a general license can also start bowhunting, as long as they purchase the separate archery license.

Long story short, in those areas, Type 9 license holders have the area to themselves 1-14 Sep. Starting 15 Sep, everyone else can join the party. That's why area 38 and 39 Type 9 licenses are such high demand...there isn't a special archery season for those areas, so the Type 9 holders have it to themselves for the entire month.

From: Ron Niziolek
Well put wyobullshooter. I will also add that the general license holder may then also hunt whatever general rifle season follows.

From: ohiohunter
Thank you sir, that is exactly how I understood, but thought I was overlooking something.

From: Dlongmo
So best chance of drawing with minimal points would be a general Archery?

There is no such thing as general archery. If you have a general elk license, and purchase a separate archery license, you can hunt any general area during the special archery season, provided there’s a special archery season for that area.

There are also some areas that offer limited quota Type 9 (archery only) licenses. These are only valid during archery season, and don’t require a separate archery license.

From: TagSoup2.0
Wyobullshooter - so do I need to have a general season tag to purchase a valid archery license? For example I am looking to hunt unit 93 for antelope. which is a type 1 tag that has a season that runs September 10th- October 31. If I just want to hunt the separate archery season starting on August 15th and ending when the general season begins do I need the general tag and the archery tag, or can I just purchase the archery tag?

TagSoup2.0, You put in for your type 1 unit 93 tag, then purchase the archery license and you are good to go.

From: WapitiBob
You can just purchase the archery license.

From: Topgun 30-06
I'm not quite following you on your reply Bob. There is no Type 9 archery tag for antelope unit 93 that TagSoup2.0 wants to hunt the early season with his bow, so he would have to draw the 93-1 tag first and then buy the archery permit like Lonebull stated if he wants to hunt the early season. Maybe you meant in your short response that the archery permit doesn't have to be drawn like the tag itself?

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