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buc i 313 08-Jan-18
ohiohunter 08-Jan-18
CAS_HNTR 10-Jan-18
From: buc i 313
Thinking about some new camo for the 2018 season. Currently all of my camo has quite a few years on it.

I have been wearing mostly a leafy pattern suit for several years now as my primary camo. This includes early, mid, and occasionally late season . I will add an over-vest of various patterns "leaves my arms looking leafy" :^} Occasionally I switch off to regular woodlands type and will mix upper and lower leafy wear either tops or bottoms to break up the camo patterns as a change.

As stated my camo is kind of aged and showing lots of wear. Therefore I am curious about some of the the newer camo patterns along with their effectiveness. While I try to decide on a new camo (?) for White Tail Deer hunting. Hoping for some responses here as I am very interested in fellow hunters opinions regarding your experience's with various patterns, products and materials.

At present my hunting is exclusively from a tree stand.

Thanks in advance for your input.

From: ohiohunter
Its hard to beat a leafy jacket, actually damn near impossible. I'd wear what you want w/ an asat leafy jacket on top (best option I can think of without searching). There isn't much to them other than the camo, one of my favorite leafy jackets is cabelas brand.. i don't think you'll find that one but its worth a look.

I am not sure the camo really matters a whole lot, but I will say I think that you should look at patterns with lighter colors and some openings......they seem to blend better overall. Regarding materials......try and stay away from cotton if you can.

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