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Best lake/land combo in TN to retire.
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Jack Harris 10-Jan-18
Panther Bone 27-Jan-18
PO Cedar 24-Jun-18
Tiger-Eye 09-Nov-18
From: Jack Harris
Greetings from the people’s republic of NJ. I am 53 and don’t want to retire here. Avid bowhunter and fisherman. I like the potential opportunities TN presents for low taxes, land and water. I am used to a 120” buck being a real good buck for N.J. I suspect much of TN is similar - I am ok with that, it’s always good to know that the opportunity for a P&Y buck does exist. Plus I go to Ohio every year to up my chances and like idea of being close to Kentucky as well. My ideal retirement would be 30-200 acres on a good fishing lake with good deer hunting. Build retirement home. Dale Hollow, Norris, Douglas, Cherokee lakes all look appealing. Am I being realistic to think I could find something here? Any advice on good land/lake combos would be greatly appreciated. Thanks - Jack.

Hey, Jack. Congratulations on nearing retirement.

Dale Hollow is a beautiful lake. The smallmout and largemouth fishing there is fantastic. The surrounding area is pretty rural too. Norris is gorgeous as well and close to Knoxville, which would have anything a person needed city wise. Douglas and Cherokee would put you closer to the Smoky Mountains though, which would be nice...esp. if you fly fish like myself. Dale Hollow will put you closer to better deer hunting options though, being more middle-west TN oriented. I'd do closer to the Smokies and Johnson city, for the fly fishing, but if deer hunting is your main thing I'd look at Dale Hollow. I did kill a 170" buck off my grandpaw's place this year, up in the mountains close to the Smokies...but, that is by far the rare end of the spectrum for eastern TN.

From: PO Cedar

From: Tiger-Eye
Glad I caught this thread. I am 59 and from PA Looking at similar circumstances. Though deer hunting is a second thought, I like the Johnson City Kingsport area. (My past job had me visit Eastman Chemical in Kingsport a number of times). The S. Holston river and fly fishing is really the attraction. Not looking for trophy deer just a huntable population and perhaps some upland game. So, glad to hear I am on the right track.

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