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South Dakota
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John in MO / KY 18-Jan-18
Brotsky 18-Jan-18
Animal Killer 01-Feb-18
Hi South Dakota guys, I'd like to come to SD fall 2018 primarily to spot and stalk Mulies, but I wouldn't pass up a chance at a good Whitetail. I'd probably come with one hunting partner, but will come solo if he can't make it. I'm happy to hunt public land, in good shape, and would prefer an area where I can hike in a bit. What I'm looking for is guidance on a general area to start researching, places to camp, best dates, etc. I'd also be interested if someone has a planned hunt I can tag along on.

What I can offer is a Missouri Ozarks eastern turkey hunt on about 500 private acres, with thousands of acres of national forest in the general area. I could also offer a whitetail bow hunt during the rut on the same property, but honestly you guys have bigger deer. There is also excellent fishing for smallmouth and rainbows close to the property. I'd also be happy to provide information regarding public areas in both Missouri and Kentucky.

Thanks for your help!

From: Brotsky
john, sent you a PM.

Best bet is to download the free gfp map. find an area that looks appealing to you. call the local warden and have a couple conversations. there is lots of public land and you should have no problem finding a deer. good luck with your trip and planning.

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