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High Fence in Texas
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psyched123 24-Jan-18
BOBSTER 27-Jan-18
RK 30-Jan-18
Ollie 13-Feb-18
drycreek 04-Apr-18
texbow2 01-May-18
RK 18-Aug-18
Lost Arra 11-Sep-18
BOBSTER 12-Sep-18
Flint knapper 06-Oct-18
stick'n string 08-Jan-19
From: psyched123
I would like to build a high fence around my ranch, but I know that on one side the neighbor enjoys my deer coming on to his property. The fence is on the property line. Does he have any say so to the height of the fence to stop me putting a high fence up?

No, just don't expect him to help pay for it. You just might want to put it a few feet off the existing fence.

From: RK
Bobster is correct.. High fence is no different than any other fence

Giving a little room never hurts..

Put the fence in and go on down the road.....Nobody is ever happy with any fence but it still makes for a good neighbor.

From: Ollie
High fences are expensive. So are lawsuits filed by an irate neighbor. I would check the laws with a rural attorney before investing money in a high fence if you think it may cause trouble with a neighbor.

From: drycreek
Build the fence if that's what you want to do, but make sure you have enough cleared right of way to keep limbs and/or trees from falling on it. I wouldn't high fence without a 60' r. o. w. , and I would put the fence in the middle. The neighbor will just have to live with it.

From: texbow2
What makes you think they are your deer and not his?

From: RK

The deer do not belong to either landowner However the properties belong to each owner of their individual properties

Deer belong to the state of Texas

They just happen to live on private property whether that property is high fenced or not

From: Lost Arra
I always assumed when you high fenced a piece of property that all the native deer had to be removed from the property first.

No, the game animals still remain the property of the state, you just now have them confined on your property, but still have to follow the game laws.

How many acres are we talking about here?

You can legally build any fence you want and your neighbor can suck eggs. I hate high fences personally, but they serve their purpose and Texas law allows you to do what you want to secure your property.

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