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Van Horn Ranch - West Texas Hunts
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delkslayr 25-Jan-18
Coop 03-Feb-18
backpacker 03-Mar-18
From: delkslayr
I am headed down to hunt the Van Horn Ranch with West Texas Hunts in a couple of weeks to hunt javelina. I am planning on returning in 2019 for a DIY audad hunt. I am really excited about both hunts but was wondering if anyone on here has hunted that ranch and if there are any pointers or things I should know about the ranch before I go. Mike, the ranch manager, has given me lots of good information but never hurts to ask others. Any information you can provide would be much appreciated.

From: Coop
I have no experience with that area, but good luck and have fun!

From: backpacker
That outfit was one of the few I found offering a DIY auodad hunt, be curious to hear how that hunt goes.

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