Mentored tag age?
South Dakota
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grizzly 25-Jan-18
the bear 25-Jan-18
Brotsky 26-Jan-18
From: grizzly
Looks like someone submitted a bill affecting change to the mentored deer tags. Unless I did not read it clearly, it appears to remove a minimum age from it. More unlimited tags for 4 and 5 year olds knocking over mule deer does in the Hills unit. If dad is along of course in the side by side. I digress, not all young people are ready for this. Not all "legal" guardians are good candidates for this. We will have to legalize crossbows as you cant expect a young kid to shoot a regular bow. Who am I to judge what you do with your kids? I had a twelve year old daughter who harvested an elk and I was proud of her. I think we need a little limitation and I don't think anyone younger then ten should be doing it. That is my opinion.

From: the bear
I couldn't agree with you more. I don't think four and five year old kids need to be big game hunting. Daisy BB guns are a great tool to learn gun safety. Shooting pop cans or inflated balloons can be very exciting for a five year old. I agree that ten should be a minimum age for hunting. But just my opinion ;)

From: Brotsky
I strongly disagree with both of you. All children are different and grow up differently. My kids were not ready until they were 12. I have a buddy whose 8 year old could hunt circles around a lot of guys and I've seen him do it. This should be up to no one other than the parents to make this choice for when their kids are ready. We have enough government in our lives, I don't need more of it to tell me when my kid is or isn't ready to hunt.

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