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Tippecanoe Area
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ankrom 15-Feb-18
buc i 313 15-Feb-18
BowtechArcher0880 15-Feb-18
From: ankrom
Hey Guys - For the past 4 years I've hunted the Coshocton area and had great success. Unfortunately I lost the lease in Coshocton this year but picked up a new lease just north of Tippecanoe. The property looks very attractive and carried tons of signs when I walked it. Just curious if there are some Ohio Bowsiters that hunt around that area and what their experiences have been.

From: buc i 313
Unable to provide any info for you.

Good luck with your new area.


Sorry no experience in that area. To bad about losing Coshocton. I have hunted public there and it was good. Been hunting Carroll county leaseville public and having good sightings and a few good kills.

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