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Which one scores higher
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Lawdog 17-Feb-18
jstephens61 17-Feb-18
Reload 17-Feb-18
awh302 18-Feb-18
deerhunter72 20-Mar-18
Arrowone 17-May-18
DMC65 17-May-18
Boone 04-Jun-18
From: Lawdog

Lawdog 's embedded Photo
Lawdog 's embedded Photo
Lawdog 's embedded Photo
Lawdog 's embedded Photo
I have two pics. Both on public land from Shelby County. The one with the extra brow tine is from my brother this past season (13 scorable points). The other is my dad’s from about 8 years ago (11 scorable points). Which one do you think scores higher?

From: jstephens61
Your dads. Nice bucks, to bad there’s no public land bucks to be had in Illinois.

From: Reload
Very nice. I'll give Zim 3 days to dump gas on this thread....

From: awh302
You guys know there are no big bucks in Illinois. We all need to go out of state to Iowa to kill something big.

Your dad's looks like it will score better.

From: deerhunter72
Are you sure they weren't killed in Iowa?? I'm going with your dad's buck.

From: Arrowone
Good question. I’d say your Dad’s (on left?) scores higher. I’d guess a 5-10pt difference.

From: DMC65
Gross or net? It looks to me that the dark horned buck with the double beam has more gross inches. Both great bucks though!

From: Boone
Dads buck

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