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Javelina Unit 25M
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Never hunted Javelina, would like to try this coming Winter but I have no buddies or mentor to guide me - I don't what or where to look. I have a 40# recurve that I truly enjoy and practice dilligently. I have hunted for years with firearms but decided to level the playing field and picked up a bow (its a lot harder than it looks). I have been looking in Unit 25M (McDowell preserve), and north Scottsdale. I have not seen a single pig that would be a target (all in and around houses). So I would like to try the Carefree area, but that's a lot of new territory for a guy new to AZ. Has anyone had success in that area that they can share?

From: osage
Hunted around Prescott last Jan. Can fill you in on that area, but I'm sure the AZ guys would be a lot more help.

Yes, I can do Prescott easily. You can send a "private reply" On this forum?

From: StickFlicker
Be very careful hunting near Cave Creek. Due to careless hunting and offending local residents, a lot of the area near there is now closed to hunting. Good luck, and welcome to the sport.

From: Gibbs
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