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DIY bear baiting
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Mainehunta 12-Mar-18
SixLomaz 07-Oct-18
Twitch896 04-Jun-19
mainecheesehead 20-Aug-19
From: Mainehunta
Have been thinking about baiting bear myself this fall. It would most likely be on paoer company/public land, if i do end doing this do i need a permit from the paper company? Or from biologist? I am going to contact some biologist as it gets closer an see what they have to say, just looking for someone elses input or if you've ever gone through this

From: SixLomaz
Just Do It ... enjoy

From: Twitch896
How’d It go? I’m from CT and have been looking to come up. Few people i know said the paper companies but i have no idea where to start

most paper companies now charge a fee for each bait set up on their land and some even require GPS coordinates to help keep others baits from being too close to yours - good luck as most local guides will have large areas bought up

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