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Hunting advice
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From: Socal
Rifle hunted for the first time this year. Need a partner for this year, and hopefully a few tips . I like trying to get away from the people, and love the effort you have to put in to find dear here. Will be getting a bow this year to extend the season! Pm me if you have any info and would like to link up to hunt and plan. Located in Orange County

Get your bow and join an archery Club. You'll meet a ton of guys. Check out the California Bowmen Hunters.

From: Mnhunter1980
Michael Williams wtf.

From: TheArc
Mn he probably means he's a target guy. Weird to have 3 of 4 out of state on the regional site. Although I recollect Idle to be from Socal. Not much interest in CA from non-res folks.

From: Printa
I'm new to hunting, can you share useful tips?

From: Printa
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From: osage
So basically the students are buying their way through college and come out just as stupid as they went in. Do you take tests for them also?

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