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Bobcats Killing Deer
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From: goyt
In the last week I have found two sites where bobcats have fed on deer. Neither location is close to a road and our winters in Ohio do not cause winter kills. The first site the deer was covered by debris. I took a picture and will try to attach it. I uncovered the head for the picture. Before that only the feet were showing. At the second site the deer had skin rolled back like a sock in a number of areas and everything was in a confined pile. All of the flesh was gone but there was still some red to the bones. The ribs were intact but all of the flesh was gone. I feel that beyond any doubt that both deer had been eaten by bobcats. I have seen up to 3 bobcats together. I am also starting to think that bobcats may have killed the deer. Both deer are small. What have you been finding and what are your thoughts?

From: cord 62
Interesting, love to see your pics

I remember a year or 2 ago. Someone had posted video of bobcat jumping on a button bucket and killing it. It stalked the deer from a fallen branch. So I would say that can and do when needed kill a deer.

From: Lever Action
I'm from Maine where bobcats per (northern) county probably number as many as the entire state of Ohio's population of cats. I wouldn't lose any sleep over it. Bob cats will take a small deer but they focus primarily on small game such as rabbits and squirrels. The biggest threat to deer are people. Pretty sure people outnumber bobcats by a gross multiple. Just saying.... In case you are concerned about the cat/deer relationship as it relates to deer numbers.

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